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St. George pray for us

About Chandanapally Valiyapally

A Sanctuary of Faith and Tradition

The Holy Relics of St. George are kept at the Chandanapally St. George Orthodox Valiyapally.

Chandanapally St. George Orthodox Valiyapally stands as a beacon of faith and heritage, preserving centuries of Orthodox tradition and spirituality in its sacred halls. Nestled amidst serene surroundings, it serves as a sanctuary for worshippers, offering solace, guidance, and opportunities for spiritual growth through its vibrant community and rich religious practices.

about us

The Unique Traditional Practices and Customs

Upcoming Events

Perunal 2024

Our Perunal celebration at Chandanapally St. George Orthodox Valiyapally is a joyous occasion where devotees come together to honor the patron saint, St. George, with fervent prayers, vibrant processions, and uplifting festivities that unite our community in faith and gratitude.



Since incorporating the St. George prayer into my daily routine, I’ve felt an incredible sense of strength and protection. It’s as if the patron saint himself is watching over me, guiding my steps, and granting me courage in times of adversity. Truly, this prayer has become a source of comfort and empowerment in my life




Welcome to Our Church!

Church open for prayers from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm all days

Chandanapally – Koodal Rd,
Kerala 689648


+91468 2251246

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