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The Saint of Chandanapally

St.George The Guardian of Chandanapally

The Holy Relics of St.George has kept at the Chandanapally St.George orthodox Valiyapally.

             In the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christian hagiography, few figures stand as prominently as St. George, the Great Martyr. Born in the late 3rd century in Cappadocia, present-day Turkey, St. George’s life and legacy have left an indelible mark on the Orthodox Church. This article delves into the history and veneration of St. George from the perspective of the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

St. George, a scion of a Christian family, ascended to a high military rank in the Roman army. However, his unwavering faith led him to openly profess Christianity, defying the persecutions initiated by Emperor Diocletian. Refusing to partake in the persecution of his fellow Christians, St. George tore up the emperor’s edict, sealing his fate.

Imprisoned and subjected to brutal torture, St. George’s resilience in the face of adversity became legendary. Miraculous accounts emerged from his time in prison, including healing fellow inmates and raising the dead. Despite the torment, St. George held fast to his Christian convictions.

The pinnacle of St. George’s martyrdom came on April 23, 303 AD, in Nicomedia, where he was beheaded for his steadfast faith. His sacrifice and courage in the face of persecution became emblematic of the early Christian commitment to their beliefs.

St. George’s veneration in the Orthodox Church extends beyond his martyrdom. As one of the military saints, he is revered as a protector of those in the armed forces. The iconic image of St. George slaying a dragon symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, illustrating the saint’s unwavering commitment to righteousness.

St. George holds a special place as a patron saint in the hearts of Orthodox Christians. Devotees seek his intercession for protection, courage, and assistance during times of peri

l. His feast day, celebrated on April 23rd, is a significant occasion in the Orthodox Church calendar, marked by prayers, liturgies, and reflections on the saint’s exemplary life.

St. George’s veneration transcended geographical boundaries, leading to the dedication of numerous churches and monasteries in his honor. His legacy endures as a source of inspiration for Orthodox Christians, symbolizing the virtues of faith, bravery, and compassion.

St. George, the Great Martyr of the Orthodox Church, stands as a beacon of faith and courage. His life and sacrifices have left an indelible imprint on the collective consciousness of believers. As the dragon-slayer and patron saint, St. George continues to inspire devotion and serves as a timeless example of unwavering commitment to the Christian faith.


Source of our Blessings

This cross cut from stone, which has carvings of saints and angels, is a main attraction and shelter for the pilgrims visiting the church. It is said that whoever prays here, is immediately rewarded. Heartfelt prayers of the pilgrims are heard and showered with blessings.Some even have a vision of Sahada. 

Those who prayed by lighting candles on certain Fridays near the Kalkurishu were granted their petitions, without delay. The cross was constructed on the same day in which the Lord’s cross was found (14 September). Every year the feast is celebrated on this day. ’Vellappachoru’, which is cooked with rice and coconut, is given as the offering. 

One particular tradition surrounding the Cross of Kalkurishu has garnered widespread acclaim for its efficacy in fulfilling the wishes of faithful petitioners. It is said that those who offer prayers while lighting candles on designated Fridays near the sacred site find their entreaties swiftly granted, without delay or hesitation.


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